Equipment Supply

KB Combustion have carried out many installations nationwide. As an independent company we have specialist knowledge and experience of various different manufacturers equipment, as such we are in a position to offer equipment to suit applications rather than our own branded range of products.



In recent years environmental considerations have played a big part in the decision making process when purchasing energy equipment such as boilers or burners. Companies need to be seen to be carefully selecting products that are going to be efficient to run and cost effective to maintain.

We find that the cheapest capital option is not always the best choice when the whole life costs are taken into consideration. For steam bolers we look for features such as high levels of insulation, high thermal efficiency, generous sizing to reduce thermal expansion and thereby reduce the risk of NDT failures. Similarly when it comes to combustion equipment, investment in a high efficiency burner will lead to cost savings and reduce emmissions over the life pf the equipment.  


Special Applications

We have supplied and installed special burners for firing on:
• Tallow
• Solvent Fuels




We’ve been dealing with KB Combustion over the past four years, and throughout this period we have recieved First Class Service, 100% of the time